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Our Process

Research & Audits

We begin all our SEO campaigns with Keyword Research and a series of audits including Technical, Content & Offsite audits.

These required audits don't actually deliver immediate results on your campaign, but they do lay out the roadmap for the rest of your SEO strategy.

Fixing & Optimizing

The next step is for us to fix and optimize the areas we've discovered as being broken or in need of optimization. This includes everything from Technical issues on your website, server configuration problems, site load time and barriers that prevent Google from accessing your site.

Creating & Producing

Finally, we begin creating and producing things that will really begin to help your site move up in the rankings. This includes creating content as a part of a Content Marketing Strategy, outreaching to bloggers and relevant sites within your industry in an effort to build backlinks, sharing content with publishers and influencers on your various social networks and generally promoting your site and content around the web.

Tracking Results

We look at 3 major KPIs when determining the success of your campaign:

  • Rankings - While these don't immediately impact your bottom line, they do help you determine if your site is moving up in the rankings or not.
  • Traffic - This KPI also doesn't usually impact your bottom line (unless you're a publisher monetized around a CPM model) but it begins to show the real tangible results from our SEO efforts.
  • Conversions - This is where the rubber meets the road on the success of your campaign. Whether you're looking for more online leads, sales or signups we like to help our clients track conversions as accurately as possible.

SEO Ranking Factors

Google pretty much looks at 3 categories of factors when trying to decide how your site should rank:


Money-Back Guarantee

We take great pride in the level of service and value that we bring to your business. If you decide that our efforts do not justify our fees within the first 30 days, we will refund your money - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
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